Client Charter

Energy Commission is committed in:

  • Setting up a regulatory system that encourages the electricity and gas industry to be strong and consumers’ interests are protected;
  • Effectively monitoring electricity supply and gas reticulation in terms of its service quality, safety and reasonable price;
  • Carrying out effective legal enforcement; and
  • Providing efficient and friendly services within the stipulated time for licensing and issuance of certificate.

Our commitment to our customers is as follows:

For complainants

  • All complaints will be recorded
  • All complainants will receive acknowledgement of their complaints within 3 working days
  • Complainants will be informed of the status of their complaints as soon as possible, within 15 working days
  • For complaints that require more comprehensive investigation, complainants will be informed of follow-up status from time to time

For applicants 
We will process and approve complete applications for licences and certifications within the stipulated periods as follows:

01 licences 1710

02 1710

03 1710

04 1710

05 1710

06 1710