Archive - 2015



Sarawak Can Produce 300 Megawatts Of Electricity From Oil Palm Residues  19 November 2015
Safety Tips By Tnb During Flooding  15 November 2015
Proposed Sandakan-based gas-fired power plant to cabinet for final approval - Ongkili  29 October 2015
Gov't supports renewable energy development in Sabah  27 October 2015
Sarawak not ready to 'export' hydropower to Peninsular Malaysia  26 October 2015
Asean endorses action plan for energy cooperation - Ongkili  08 October 2015
Asean Power Grid project to benefit Indonesia's small islands  07 October 2015
Power integration deal expected to be sealed in six months: Ongkili  07 October 2015
No increase in electricity tariff rate until next year, says Energy Commission  06 October 2015
Malaysia, Cambodia sign MOU on cooperation in Green Technology 10 September 2015
Ministry targets RE to contribute 5.5 Pct share in electricity sector  09 September 2015
Malaysia ready to participate in Asean Power Grid - Ongkili 17 August 2015
Proposed gas fired power plant in Sandakan approved by Ec - Ongkili  17 August 2015
Energy Commission to prosecute those caught making illegal electrical connection 05 August 2015
TNB and partners sign shareholders agreement to build coal-fired power plant  09 July 2015
Work on Ulu Padas Hydro-dam scheduled to begin in January 04 July 2015
TNB to increase power generation capacity in Kelantan for Aidilfitri 02 July 2015
Warning: Fines of up to RM1 million for electricity theft, meter tampering 15 June 2015
No hike in electricity tariff this year - Ongkili  11 June 2015
Gas Malaysia to be financially neutral amid natural gas tariff revision 09 June 2015
Earthquake: No report of electricity disruption in Sabah 06 June 2015
Huge potential for floating photovoltaic systems in Malaysia: TNB 04 June 2015
11mp encourages sustainable energy use to support growth  21 May 2015
Ongkili: TNB discussing with 1MDB on stake in Project 3B 12 May  2015
TNB allocates RM12 million to improve services in Perlis 10 May 2015 
Alumni funds RM230,000 solar panel car park at MCKK 23 April 2015
SESB's data speaks for itself  19 April 2015
Mahdzir: RM2.02 bln approved under green technology financing scheme 15 April 2015
Govt to roll out two electric tariffs via Etou mechanism 14 April 2015 
Deaths caused by electricity-linked accidents last year - Abdul Rahim 12 April 2015
Monthly electricity consumption of below 300kwh not subject to Gst - Mahdzir  11 April 2015
New power plants expected to meet growing demands, strengthen reserve margin - Ongkili 11 April 2015
SESB striving towards becoming reliable power utility provider 02 April 2015 
Electricity tariff will not be raised this year - Ongkili 25 March 2015
SESB sacrifices for the sake of power in Sabah  24 March 2015
Kedah looks set to build affordable houses using new technology 16 March 2015
SEDA adheres to transparency, Adam & Co receives solar PV application 15 March 2015 
SEDA to manage net energy metering, utility scale solar 11 March 2015
ASEAN nations need to collaborate for energy security, efficiency  10 March 2015
Government to prolong power concessions to Ipps if prices are competitive 10 March 2015
Melaka expects Rm5.4 billion in Green Technology Investments by 2020 03 March 2015 
TNB to submit application for power plant project to EC by March 15 03 March 2015
Kettha to continue expanding use of renewable energy in Sabah 08 February 2015 
Kettha, Energy Commission and TNB studying 'cost Pass Through' for consumers - Mahdzir 05 February 2015
Declines In Global Oil Prices Do Not Directly Impact Electricity Tariffs -- Kettha 21 January 2015 
Mida Calls For Boost Of Renewable Energy To Power Capacity Mix 19 January 2015
Scci Welcomes Reduction In Electricity Tariff 15 January 2015 
Energy ministry may install solar energy in flood relief centres 12 January 2014
Power supply in three flood-hit states almost back to normal 07 January 2014 
Electricity fully restored in Kota Baharu, says TNB 04 January 2014
More than 80 per cent of consumers in Kelantan have power restored - TNB 03 January 2014 
Hydroelectric project not the cause of floods in Kelantan - Mahdzir 03 January 2014