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Energy Commission Members

The Energy Commission consists of the Chairman, the Chief Executive Officer, three members representing the government and not more than six other members with vast knowledge and experience in matters relating to finance, engineering, business or administration or other relevant areas. The members of the Commission are appointed by the Minister in charge of energy.

The board representations of the Commission members will enhance the credibility of the Energy Commission and safeguard the interest of its stakeholders.

datuk razak1

Datuk Ir. Ahmad Fauzi
Bin Hasan
Datuk Ir. Ahmad Fauzi Bin Hasan (Chairman)

Datuk Ir. Ahmad Fauzi Hasan received his Ordinary National Diploma in Engineering from Norwich City College, England in 1975, followed by a Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology (UMIST), England in 1978 and his Master’s Degree in Engineering from the University of Michigan, United States of America in 1983.

Datuk Ir. Ahmad Fauzi Hasan was the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Energy Commission from 2010 until 2017. Before joining the Energy Commission, Datuk Ir. Ahmad Fauzi has served in the Factories and Machinery Department, Department of Occupational Safety and Health and Department of Electricity and Gas Supply. He joined the Energy Commission in 2002 where he served as the Director of Gas. He was subsequently promoted as the Chief Operating Officer and the Deputy Chief Executive Officer before being appointed as the CEO.

A professional engineer with over 38 years of industry regulatory experience, Datuk Ir. Ahmad Fauzi has successfully overseen the implementation of major industry reform initiatives to improve the performance and competitiveness of the country’s electricity and gas supply industries as envisaged under the government’s Economic Transformation Programme, during his tenure as CEO of the Energy Commission.

He has been actively involved with related quasi-government agencies, industry associations, professional and educational institutions in advising on energy sector policy frameworks, strategic plans, industry standards and best practices.

Datuk Ir. Ahmad Fauzi is currently the Chairman of the Atomic Energy Licensing Board of Malaysia (AELB), Member of the Sustainable Energy Development Authority (SEDA) and Technical Advisor to The Electrical and Electronics Association of Malaysia (TEEAM). He is a Fellow of the Institution of Engineers Malaysia (IEM) and an Adjunct Professor at Universiti Tenaga Nasional (UNITEN). He is also the former President of the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) National Committee of Malaysia (2011-2017) and former Executive Committee Member of the East Asia Pacific Infrastructure Regulatory Forum (EAPIRF).

Datuk Ir. Ahmad Fauzi is also a recipient of the “ASEAN Excellence in Energy Management by Individual Awards” which was awarded during the 35th ASEAN Ministers on Energy Meeting in 2017, and the Anugerah Penghargaan Standard Kebangsaan which was awarded by the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation in 2005.

Datuk Ir. Ahmad Fauzi Hasan was appointed as the Chairman of the Energy Commission on 1 April 2018.


Datuk Bahari bin Hassan (1)

Datuk Bahari Bin Hassan

Afifah (2)

Noor Afifah Binti Abdul Razak

shaharin (1)

Dr. Mohammed Shaharin Bin Umar

datuk rosli

Dato' Dr. Rosli
Bin Mohamed
Dato' Dr. Rosli Bin Mohamed

Dato’ Dr. Rosli Mohamed graduated from Universiti Pertanian Malaysia (UPM) with a Bachelor’s Degree in Forestry in 1981 and continued his studies at the University of Leeds and the University of Hull, both in the United Kingdom, earning him a Master’s Degree in Business Administration in 1988 and a Doctor of Philosophy in Strategic Marketing in 1998 respectively. He also obtained a Diploma in Marketing from the Chartered Institute of Marketing, United Kingdom in 1992.

Dato’ Dr. Rosli Mohamed started his career with the Government in 1983 at the Ministry of Trade and Industry. He joined the Economic Planning Unit (EPU) of the Prime Minister’s Department in 1998 where he was appointed as the Director of the Energy Section in December 2006 until May 2010. He was then appointed as the Deputy Secretary-General (Management) and in October 2010 as the Secretary-General (Ministry of Education).  In June 2013, Dato’ Dr. Rosli Mohamed assumed the position of Secretary-General under the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation until July 2014.

During his service, he was a board member for a number of energy-related organisations, such as Sabah Electricity Board, Sarawak Hidro Sdn. Bhd. and Malaysia Nuclear Power Corporation. 

He has contributed to the development of the Eighth - Tenth Malaysia Plans, the National Energy Policy, Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Policies, Privatisation Policy and Restructuring of the Electricity Supply Industry, Development of the Bakun Hydroelectric Project, Tariff Structure for Independent Power Projects (IPPs) and Gas Pricing and Subsidy Rationalisation Policy for the Energy Sector.

Dato’ Dr. Rosli Mohamed was appointed as a Member of the Energy Commission on 1 September 2015.


Datuk Anuar 2017

Datuk Anuar Bin Ahmad
Datuk Anuar Bin Ahmad

Datuk Anuar Ahmad graduated from The London School of Economics and Political Science, University of London with a Bachelor of Science (Economics). He also attended Harvard Business School’s Advanced Management Program (AMP) in 1997.

He has served Petronas for over 35 years, after his graduation in 1977. At Petronas, Datuk Anuar Ahmad has held various senior managerial positions in marketing, trading, human resources and corporate planning. He was also the Managing Director/CEO of Petronas Dagangan Bhd, Vice President of Oil Business and Vice President of Human Resource Management. Prior to his retirement, he was the Executive Vice President of Gas and Power Business and was also the Chairman of Petronas Gas Bhd until 2014.

Whilst in Petronas, he was a member of the Board of Directors, member of the Petronas Executive Committee and the Management Committee. He currently sits on the Board of several public listed and non-public listed companies namely Petronas Dagangan Bhd, ENRA Bhd, E.A Technique Bhd and TNB Fuel Services Sdn Bhd.

Datuk Anuar Ahmad was appointed as the Member of the Energy Commission on 15 March 2016.


Datuk Dr. Ong Peng Su (1)

Datuk Dr. Ong Peng Su
Datuk Dr. Ong Peng Su

Datuk Dr. Ong Peng Su graduated from the University of Strathclyde, Scotland with a First-Class Honours Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering in 1976. He pursued his Doctor of Philosophy degree, majoring in Power Systems in 1981 and was awarded his Doctorate of Philosophy from the same university in 1982.

Datuk Dr. Ong has served in various technical and senior management positions with Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB). During his tenure, Datuk Dr. Ong has published numerous technical papers for both national and international engineering journals.

He was appointed as the Board of Powertek Berhad in 1993 and has provided significant direction and guidance on technical and commercial aspects of the company. Subsequently, he also served as the Executive Director of Powertek Berhad from 2001 to 2012. Datuk Dr. Ong was also the Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director of Powertek Energy from April 2009 to March 2015.

In addition to his achievements, Datuk Dr. Ong has held various non-executive directorships in numerous companies. He has taken the leading role as Project Director for numerous bidding exercises undertaken by Powertek Energy Group, in the acquisition of power plants across various regions including the United Kingdom, Australia, Turkey and many more.

He was nominated for the Asia Business Leader Awards in 2005 by CNBC and served as the President of the Association of Independent Power Producers (IPP) in the Peninsular. Post-retirement, Datuk Dr. Ong became a Member of the Energy Commission from March 2016 to August 2016. He has with him more than 30 years of experience in successfully providing fiscal, strategic and operational leadership in the industry.

Datuk Dr. Ong Peng Su was appointed as a Member of the Energy Commission on 1 November 2018.


Prof. Dr. Rajah Rasiah (1)

Prof. Dr. Rajah Rasiah
Prof. Dr. Rajah Rasiah

Prof. Dr. Rajah Rasiah obtained his doctorate in Economics from Cambridge University in 1992 and was a Rajawali fellow at Harvard University in 2014.

Prof. Dr. Rajah Rasiah is a Distinguished Professor of Economics at the Asia Europe Institute, University of Malaya. He served as an advisory member of the Industrial Development Research Centre, Zhejiang University (2010-2015), a professorial fellow at UNU-MERIT (since 2004), a Senior Research Associate at the Technology Management and Development Centre at Oxford University (since 2009), an Adjunct Professor at Mohammad Ali Jinnah University (since 2016) and a Visiting Professor at UNIMAS (2018) and Lahore School of Economics (2019).

He has delivered public lectures, policy talks and keynote speeches at universities, which includes the United Kingdom, Italy, Denmark, USA, Japan, Korea, Thailand and Indonesia. Prof. Dr. Rajah Rasiah’s policy-oriented work includes research and policy advisory roles in several countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America. He has also made major contributions in the topics of the conceptualisation of technology, and its link to development, and methodologies designed to capture clustering, technological capabilities and industrial policies.

Several of his reports have been commissioned in guiding industrial policies in developing economies, such as the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), World Bank, The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), and Economic Research Institute for ASEAN and East Asia (ERIA). He was also one of the principal authors of UNIDO’s 2009 flagship Industrial Development Report, and one of the editors of the 2015 UNESCO Science Report. He has also taken a leading role in producing technology and industrial policy reports for Cambodia, Lao PDR, Malaysia, Myanmar, Viet Nam and Timor-Leste. His extensive experience in research and policy have enabled him to produce over 300 publications in international journals as well as with book publishers.

While the prime focus of his research is on technology and international development, he has also worked extensively on regulatory measures and their impact on firm performance, foreign investment, human capital, public health and the environment (including climate change and global warming). Prof Dr Rajah Rasiah was the recipient of the Celso Furtado prize from the World Academy of Sciences in 2014 for advancing the frontiers of Social Science (Economics). In 2017, he was appointed as a Distinguished Professor in Economics by the High Education Ministry of Malaysia, and in 2018 he was awarded the Merdeka (Independence) Award.

Prof. Dr. Rajah Rasiah was appointed as a Member of the Energy Commission on 1 November 2018.


Adlin 2

Adlin Binti Abdul Majid
Adlin Binti Abdul Majid

Adlin Abdul Majid graduated from St. Edmund Hall, University of Oxford with a Master’s Degree in Jurisprudence (Law). She also attended the University of Malaya for her Certificate in Legal Practice under the Malaysian Legal Qualifying Board in 1997 before being called to the Malaysian Bar in August 1999.

Adlin Abdul Majid served as the Senior Manager under the Legal and Regulatory Department for Multimedia Development Corporation from the year 2003 to 2011. She has represented Malaysia for various projects and conducted a presentation on “Challenges in the Regulation of E-commerce in Malaysia” in 2006. 

As Partner under the Regulatory and Compliance/ Technology, Media & Telecommunications division of Messrs. Lee Hishammuddin, Allen & Gledhill, she was involved in regulatory work which included the drafting of laws, developing policies and legal advisory services for various Malaysian government agencies. Adlin Abdul Majid has drafted amendments for an Act of Parliament, drafted subsidiary legislation for a newly enacted Act of Parliament and advised on the set-up of new government agencies.

Adlin Abdul Majid was named the “Leading Individual” for the year 2007) in the area of Technology, Media and Telecommunications in Malaysia by Legal500, which is the most comprehensive ranking system for law firms worldwide. She also penned the Annotated Statutes of Malaysia, the Personal Data Protection Act 2010, and contributed for Getting the Deal Through, Telecoms and Media, 2014.

Adlin Abdul Majid was appointed as a Member of the Energy Commission on 1 November 2018.