Energy Efficiency

Continuous Development Program (CDP) for Registered Electrical Energy Manager

One of the requirements for the renewal of registration as an electrical energy manager and Electrical energy managers registered with Energy Commission are required to participate or involve  for at least eight (8) credits in program endorsed by Energy Commission related to efficient management of energy.

Types of Continuous Development Programmes

  1. Workshops.
  2. Courses or training sessions.
  3. Conferences or seminars.
  4. Presentation of papers on technologies, management and research findings.

Types of participation

  1. As a participant.
  2. As a presenter or speaker (cannot claim for more than 2 times of renewal for same training).

Topics and Contents of The Program

  1. Topics or contents related to efficient management of electrical energy.
  2. Topics or contents  can be proposed and will be considered to evaluate its suitability and later to be decided by Energy Commission.

Confirmation of Attendance for Registered Electrical Energy Managers

  1. A registered energy manager shall submit the confirmation of his participation in the endorsed program in the form of certificate of attendance or any written confirmation by the organiser.
  2. A registered electrical energy manager shall submit a written confirmation by the program organiser on his involvement as a speaker or presenter and other preparatory works related to the presentation or talk.
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