Approval to Install

Regulation 15(1) in the Gas Supply Regulations 1997 states that Approval to Install has to be sought from the Energy Commission before commencing work on new installation or gas extension.

In principle, all relevant code in designing gas pipeline systems and installations are acceptable to the Energy Commission. The design codes are as follows:

  • MS 830: Malaysian Code of Practice for the Storage, Handling and Transportation of Liquefied Petroleum Gas.
  • MS 930: Malaysian Code of Practice for the Installation of Fuel Gas Piping Systems and Appliances.
  • ANSI/ ASME B 31.8: American National Standard for Gas Transmission and Distribution Piping Systems.

Note: In cases where the above codes cannot be applied to certain gas installation works, other international recognised code can be considered.

Conditions for Approval to Install

  1. Approval to Install (ATI) applications must be made by registered gas contractors via the Online Application System (OAS) at
  2. Design and construction system of gas pipelines must comply with safety and technical requirements under the Gas Supply Act 1993, Gas Supply Regulation 1997, Energy Commission Guidelines and Circulars, and relevant standards.
  3. Gas Contractor and Gas Competent Person possess valid certificate to perform work according to classes of gas installation.
  4. Type/model of gas fittings, equipment and appliances to be installed must be approved by the Energy Commission;
  5. Pipe welding works must be performed by accredited welders.
  6. Each application for Approval to Install (ATI) will be processed and the approval will be granted within 15 working days upon receiving a complete application.


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