Guideline for Energy Efficiency Label

Guideline on Energy Efficiency Labelling for Electrical Appliances

Based on Electricity Regulation 1994 (Amendments 2013) Regulation 101A (3) "Any equipment that meets all the requirements of efficient use of electricity under subregulation (1) shall be affixed with an efficiency rating label in such form and manner as may be determined by the Commission."

All manufacturers and importers of the following products: television, refrigerator, domestic fan and air conditioner, must affix the Energy Efficiency Label onto the products before it can be sold to the customer.

The Energy Efficiency Label


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The Energy Efficiency Label to be affixed on the appliances must be in accordance to the following specification

Energy Efficiency Labelling Guideline for Domestic Fan

Energy Efficiency Labelling Guideline for Television

Energy Efficiency Labelling Guideline for Air Conditioner

Energy Efficiency Labelling Guideline for Refrigerator