Chargeman AO

Chargeman AO (Low Voltage System without Power Station and Aerial Line)

1) Related matters

a) Electricity Supply Act 1990 and Energy Commissions Act 2001;
b) Electricity Regulation 1994 and its Amendment;
c) MS IEC 60364:2003 Electrical Installations of Building;
d) MS 1936:2006 Electrical Installations of Building – Code of Practice;
e) MS 1936:2006 Electrical Installations of Building – Guide To MS IEC 60364; and
f) Sufficient knowledge of first aid, resuscitation and treatment of electric shock.

2) Fire extinguishing system

a) Handling and operation of portable fire extinguisher;
b) Halon gas system and sprinkler; and
c) Alarm system.

3) Protection equipment in low voltage installation

a) All types of circuit breaker (ACB, OCB, MCCB, MCB, ELCB, etc.);
b) Safety switches;
c) All types of fuses that can be rewired, HRC and time lag fuse;
d) Oil dash pot; and
e) Earthing.

4) Basic electricity

a) Power factor;
        -  Definition and calculation of power factor
        -  Effects of low power factor
        -  Capacitor rating for correcting power factor
b) Voltage;
c) Current (direct current and alternating current circuit);
d) Power (kW, kVA, kVAR);
e) Resistance;
f) Capacitor;
g) Inductor; and
h) Basic Magnetism field.

5) Transformer

a) Construction, type, usage, difference with other types of transformer;
b) Function of important parts in transformer;
c) Overhauling; and
d) Testing and commissioning

6) Cable

a) Cable selection;
        -Current carrying capacity
        -Voltage drop
b) Joints and terminations;
c) Cable damage and analyses; and
d) Type of tools to detect damages in cables.

7) Underground Cable

a) Types of cable, sizing, current carrying capacity, drilling, excavation and cable laying for various situations;
b) Cable jointing, phasing and termination;
c) Associated control gears feeder pillar distribution board; and
d) Construction, handling and maintenance.

8) Motor and its starter

a) Types of motor, usage, difference and movement;
b) Maintenance, damage detection and repair; and
c) Starter including characteristics of protection.

9) Battery

a) Working principle of batteries; and
b) Type, sizing, maintenance and charging system.

10) Measurement and testing equipment.

a) Introduction and usage of various measurement and testing equipment

11) Air Conditioner

a) Types of air conditioner;
b) Components of air conditioner; and
c) Operation and maintenance.

12) Inspection for main switchboard equipment

a) Earthing system, OCB, switchboard, switching tripping equipment, isolator, relay and pilot wiring.

13) Consumer installation

a) Types of wiring for consumer installation;
b) Earthing;
c) Installation testing (model tests); and
d) Installation on Neon lamp.

14) Street lighting

a) Installation and maintenance

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Sekatan AO ( Sistem Voltan Rendah Tanpa Stesen Janakuasa dan Talian Atas)