Efficient Management of Electrical Energy

It is available at bookstores, Pencetakan Nasional Berhad or can be downloaded from our website at www.st.gov.my.

15 December 2008.

The regulations is applied to the following:

  • Any installation which receives electrical energy from a licensee or supply authority with a total electrical energy consumption equal to or exceeding 3,000,000 kWh as measured at one metering point or more over any period not exceeding six consecutive months; or
  • Any installation which is used, worked or operated by a private installation licensee with a total net electrical energy generation equal to or exceeding 3,000,000 kWh over any period not exceeding six consecutive months. Refer Regulation 3.

The obligation to submit to Energy Commission the information on the affected installations falls under:

  • a licensee who supplies electricity to any such installation (i.e. Tenaga Nasional Bhd and Sabah Electricity Sdn Bhd);and
  • a private installation licensee who generates electricity for his own consumption. Refer Regulation 5.

Based on the information submitted by the licensees pursuant to Regulation 5, the Energy Commission shall notify the installations concerned in writing by registered post or by hand. Refer Regulation 6.

They need to do the following:

  • Appoint an electrical energy manager registered with the Energy Commission and to notify the Energy Commission within three (3) months from the date of the notice.
  • To submit to the Energy Commission the information required and to report through Form A and Form B every six months

A person who has been registered by Energy Commission as Electrical Energy Manager and holds a valid Certificate of Registration As An Electrical Energy Manager issued by Energy Commission.Refer Regulation 11.

No, the installation owner can appoint any energy electrical energy manager as long as he is registered with Energy Commission and he does not need to be in full time employment at the installation.

The qualification requirements are as follows:

  • Malaysian citizen aged 23 years and above; and
  • is a Professional Engineer and possesses at least six months working experience in the efficient management of electrical energy, or
  • holds a degree in Science, Engineering, Architecture or its equivalent and possesses at least one year working experience in the efficient management of electrical energy; or
  • holds a certificate of competency as an Electrical Services Engineer or as a Competent Electrical Engineer as in the Electricity Regulations 1994 and possesses at least nine months working experience in the efficient management of electrical energy; and
  • Demonstrates knowledge of the requirements of the Electricity Supply Act 1990 and the Regulations made under the Act; and
  • Energy Commission may require the person to attend an interview. Applicants who met the above requirements and passed the interview will be registered as electrical energy managers. Refer regulation 12.

Applicants can apply through online system Energy Commission Online System (ECOS) available at www.st.gov.my. Or directly go to www.ecos.st.gov.my. Please submit:

  • Completed application form, FORM ST(DSM/PTE/2009) which is printed out from the system.
  • Report on energy efficiency project
  • Information and supporting documents as stated in the application form
  • Processing fee

The fees to be paid are as prescribed in the First Schedule of the Regulations as follow:

No. Types of fees Fees (RM)
1 Application for registration as an electrical energy manager 20.00 per application
2 Issuance/renewal of certificate of registration 100.00 per year
3 Application for replacement of certificate of registration 50.00 per copy
4. Application for certified true copy of certificate of registration 10.00 per copy

Refer Regulation 4.

The result of each application will be notified in writing together with the reasons on why the application is refused or why the applicant failed in the interview. For those who met the requirements as stipulated in regulation 12, he can re-apply to be registered as electrical energy manager with conditions as stated in rejection letter or the result of the interview by submitting the completed application form and paying the application fee.

The functions and duties of the electrical energy manager are as follow:

  • He shall be responsible –
    - to audit and analyse the total electrical energy consumption or total net electrical energy generation at the installation, including the significant end use of electricity;
    - to advise the private installation licensee or consumer in developing and implementing measures to ensure efficient management of electrical energy at the installation; and
    - to monitor effective implementation of the measures.
  • He shall supervise the keeping of records on efficient management of electrical energy at the installation and verify its accuracy; and
  • He shall ensure that the private installation licensee or consumer submits the information and report within the periods as specified in the regulations Refer Regulation 16.

Yes. So far, Energy Commission has not set the limit but their performance will be monitored from time to time based on their ability to perform their functions and duties according to the regulations.

The list and contacts for registered energy managers is available in Energy Commission’s website.

It depends on the agreeable amount between the electrical energy manager and the installation owner.

Yes but the information and regular reports to be submitted to Energy Commission must be sent separately.

The Energy Commission may review the obligations of the installation concerned by considering:

  • the total net electrical energy consumption/generation for the reported period;
  • the compliance with the requirements of the Regulations; and
  • any other reason which show efficient management of electrical energy at the installation for the reported period and may by written notice notify that the installation is no longer required to submit the information and report. However, the Energy Commission may withdraw the above said notice it considers that:
  • the total net electrical energy consumption/generation for the reported period has become subject to Regulation 3 ; or
  • any other reason which shows efficient management of electrical energy at the installation for the reported period has not been practised after the date of issue of the notice

Refer Regulation 9 and Regulation 10.

No. The regulations only require the installations to manage the electrical energy efficiently with the appointment of electrical energy manager, to send the related information to the efficient management of electrical energy and regular reports to Energy Commission.

Energy audit is required to be conducted by the electrical energy manager appointed for the installation.

It depends on the need of each installation in order for them to asses the performance of their electrical energy usage and to identify energy saving measures to be implemented.

  • Management of electrical energy at the installation
    - Policy and targets
    - Accounts and related documents
    - Compliance towards the regulations
  • Electricity supply information
    - Total electricity supplied
    - Sources of electricity supply from:
      --> Utility companies (TNB, SESB, public licencees) or
    --> Own generation (private licensees) or
    --> Both
    - Type of supply (voltage,tariff)
  • Electricity Consumption Information
    - Electricity load profile of the installation (daily/weekly/monthly)
    - Estimated annual electricy consumption in kWh and the percentage(%) of load distribution according to electrical system/equipment such as HVAC, production machinery, lighting and etc.
    - Operating hours of the installation and major energy using system/equipment
  • Energy saving opportunities
    - List of energy saving potentials identified
    - List of energy savings measures identified according to:
      --> No cost/low cost : housekeeping, minor repairs
    --> With high cost/major invesment required: major repair/replacement of major system/equipment, introduction of new energy efficienct technologies
    - Estimated potential of energy savings in energy unit (kWh)
    - Energy saving measurements and calculations based on the potentials identified
    - Estimated returns from the costs to impelement energy saving measures such as Simple Payback Period.
    - Proposed action plan and estimated time required to implement each energy saving measure

Any person who commits an offence under these Regulations shall, on conviction, be liable to a fine not exceeding five thousand ringgit or to imprisonment for a term not exceeding one year or to both. Refer Regulation 22.

They can apply for an extension of time in writing to Energy Commission to enable them to have more time to appoint the electrical energy manager. Each application for extension of time will be considered and the duration of additional time to comply may be given on a case to case basis. Refer Regulation 23.