Guidelines for Prospective and Registered Electrical Energy Manager


Registered electrical energy manager of installation

Regulation 11

(1) No person shall engage in, be employed or hold himself out as a registered electrical energy manager for the purposes of these Regulations unless the person has been registered by the Commission.
(2) Any person who fails to comply with subregulation (1) commits an offence under these Regulations.


Regulation 12

  • Malaysian citizen aged 23 years and above; and
  • is a Professional Engineer and possesses at least six months working experience in the efficient management of electrical energy, or
  • holds a degree in Science, Engineering, Architecture or its equivalent and possesses at least one year working experience in the efficient management of electrical energy; or
  • holds a certificate of competency as an Electrical Services Engineer or as a Competent Electrical Engineer as in the Electricity Regulations 1994 and possesses at least nine months working experience in the efficient management of electrical energy; and
  • Demonstrates knowledge of the requirements of the Act and these Regulations; and 
  • The Commission may require the person to attend an interview



3.1 The related acts and regulations in electricity supply
      i)    Efficient Management of Electrical Energy Regulations 2008
     ii)    Electricity Regulations 1994 and Electricity Supply Act 1990
               •    Safety requirements in working with electrical  installations

3.2 Knowledge and experiences
     i)    Energy audit
              •    Methodology to perform energy audit
              •    Energy audit equipment and preparation of energy audit report

    ii)    Involvement in energy efficiency projects/programmes
              •    Duration of involvement (month/year)
              •    Type of involvement (management/ technical)
              •    Responsibilities  and tasks performed
              •    List and description of projects/programmes involved

   iii)    Operation of electrical system/equipment at installation
              •    Type of electricity supply from the utility companies
              •    Common terminologies in electricity supply
              •    Major electrical energy- using equipment

   iv)    Energy saving  measures
             •    Common energy saving measures for factories,  buildings and equipment
             •    Common parameters to measure energy efficiency performance
             •    Energy efficiency classifications for electrical equipment
             •    Common  energy efficiency technologies and applications
             •    Basic calculations to estimate energy saving potential from energy saving measures


4.0     HOW TO APPLY?
   i)    Applicants can apply through online system Energy Commission Online System (ECOS) available at Or directly go to Please submit:

  • Completed application form, FORM ST(DSM/PTE/2009) which is printed out from the system.
  • Report on energy efficiency project
  • Information and supporting documents as stated in the application form
  • Processing fee

* Energy Efficiency Project Report
- At least one project report (the report must be  submitted according to the  format as  provided in the application form) 
- Only electrical energy related project (thermal energy related project can be submitted as additional)

Type of project
- Implemented project – from the conceptual ideas, implementation and  to  reporting on  savings achieved; or  
- Energy audit/feasibility study

5.0    FEES

 Types of fees
 Fees (RM)
  1. Application for registration as an electrical energy manager  RM20.00 per application
  2.  Issuance/renewal of certificate of registration  RM100.00 per year
  3.  Application for replacement of certificate of registration  RM50.00 per copy
  4.  Application for certified true copy of certificate of registration  RM10.00 per copy


  • To audit and analyse the total electrical energy consumption or generation
  • To advise in developing and implementing measures to ensure efficient management of electrical energy at the installation
  • To monitor effective implementation of the measures
  • To supervise the keeping of records on efficient management of electrical energy at the installation and verify its accuracy; and
  • To ensure the timely submission of information and reports under the regulations.


  • Energy Commission will notify the applicant whether his application to be registered as an electrical energy manager has been approved or refused;
  • Energy Commission shall register the applicant as an electrical energy manager, and upon payment of the fee as prescribed in the First Schedule;
  • Where the application is refused, Energy Commission may, upon the request of the applicant, provide reasons in writing to the applicant for such refusal; and
  • The certificate of registration shall be in Form C of the Second Schedule, and Energy Commission may stipulate in the certificate any conditions or restrictions in respect of the registration.


  • The Commission may require medical evidence of the physical and mental fitness of the applicant, certified by a registered medical practitioner, to be produced by the applicant before a certificate of registration as an electrical energy manager is issued to him.


  • The certificate of registration shall be valid for a period of not less than one year and not more than five years from the date of issue of the certificate;
  • Where the person who is registered shall, at least one month before the date of expiry of his registration, renew his registration;
  • The Commission shall renew the registration of an electrical energy  manager if the Commission is satisfied that -
       -  he has complied with the conditions or restrictions as stipulated in the certificate of registration; and
       -  he has paid the fee as prescribed in the First Schedule.
  • Please submit  completed renewal form (FORM ST(DSM/R-PTE/2010) available at


  • One of the requirements for the renewal of registration as a Registered Electrical Energy Manager.
  • A Registered Electrical Energy Manager  are required to participate or involve  for at least eight (8) hours in programmes related to efficient management of electrical energy.
  • Topics or  contents related to efficient management of electrical energy are listed in at
  • Other topics can be proposed and will be considered to evaluate its suitability and later to be decided by Energy Commission

10.1    Types of program

  • Courses/training sessions.
  • Conferences/seminars/workshops. 
  • Technical  committees /working groups.
  • Presentation of papers on technologies, management and research findings.

10.2    Types Of Participation

  • As a participant/presenter/member of committee  or working group

10.3    Confirmation of Attendance

  • In the form of certificate of attendance/written  confirmation  by the organizer
  • A written confirmation by the program organizer on the involvement as a  presenter and other preparatory works related to the presentation.



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