Announcement: Coal fired power plant open bidding

The Energy Commission (EC) is calling for Request For Qualification (RFQ) responses for the development of a 1000 MW (Fast Track Project 3A) supercritical/ultra-supercritical coal fired power plant to be commissioned in Oct 2017, and another 2 x 1000MW (Project 3B) coal plant at a new site that is scheduled to be in operation in stages in Oct 2018 and April 2019.

Foreign developers with relevant experience are encouraged to form relationships with Malaysian partners as early as possible. Maximum allowable foreign equity is 49% and suitable foreign developer will be allowed to lead a consortium. The pre-qualification exercise is to screen the prospective bidder/consortium, proposed site and power evacuation line. 

A joint RFQ document is now available for sale at EC Building in Precinct 2, Putrajaya during office hours from 18 December 2012 to 4 January 2013 at a price of RM5,000.00. Prospective bidders may submit RFQ responses for either one or both projects before or on the following closing dates:

1)    1000 MW Fast Track Project 3A Submission Date -  21 January 2013
2)    2000 MW Project 3B Submission Date         - 11 March 2013

1000 MW Fast Track Project 3A:

Bidders will be responsible for securing a site adjacent or near an existing interconnection facility or substation. Demonstration of rights to utilise the proposed site and land for the transmission link to the substation will be required. Due to the fast track timeline, any proposal involving wayleave application will therefore not be accepted. 

2000 MW Project 3B:

Bidders will be responsible for identifying and securing an appropriate site. The project scope will include the transmission line to the 500kV grid system. The RFQ requirements will therefore include a transmission line preliminary route survey report and demonstration of rights to utilise the proposed site.

Prospective bidders are advised to start work immediately on site identification, preliminary route survey and consortium formation. Bidders will find six (6) approved nodes along the 500kV Grid through which power will be injected. 
Energy Commission
18 December 2012    

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