Registration as Gas Contractors

Gas contractors need to be registered with the Energy Commission in compliance with Regulation 103 (Gas Supply Regulation 1997) in order to perform or carry out installing, constructing, testing, commissioning, calibrating, maintaining, repairing or operating a gas pipeline or gas installation.

Categories of Gas Contractors

1) The categories of Gas Contractors are:

  • Class A
  • Class B
  • Class C
  • Class D

2) The requirements for registration as a Gas Contractor:

  • Registered with the Registrar of Business or Registrar of Companies;
  • Employs on a full time basis competent person(s) as specified under sub regulations 105(1), 106(1), 107(1) and 108(1) or Table 4 in Second Schedule;
  • Insurance coverage for employees under the Employees Social Security Act 1969; and
  • Possess suitable equipment, testing equipment and instruments related to work as determined by the Energy Commission.

Table 4 of the Second Schedule Competent Person Requirement for Classes of Gas Contractors

3) Information required for Registration as a Gas Contractor: 


Gas Contractor Minimum Standard for Competent Person Required
1. Class A (i) Gas Engineer or Gas Engineering Supervisor; and(ii) Class I Gas Fitter
2. Class B (i) Class I Gas Fitter
3. Class C (i) Class II Gas Fitter
4. Class D (i) Class III Gas Fitter


  • The names and addresses of all partners in the case of registered partnership, and of all directors, managers and shareholders in the case of registered company; and
  • Proof of ownership or tenancy of the business premises.


Fee for registration of Gas Contractor:

  Initial Fee Renewal Fee (Yearly)
Class A RM 3000.00 RM 2000.00
Class B RM 2000.00 RM 1000.00
Class C RM 1000.00 RM 700.00
Class D RM 500.00 RM 300.00