Competent Persons

Electrical Supervisors

Procedures for Application of Competency Examination for Certified Electrical Supervisors

Applicants for the above examinations should be made online via the ECOS system at the Energy Commission’s website (

Requirements for Competency Examination for Certified Electrical Supervisors

(Regulation 48, Electricity Regulations 1994 and its amendments)

  1. A Malaysian citizen.
  2. Posses a Diploma or its equivalent in Electrical Engineering from institutions recognised by the Public Service Department (PSD)
    or accredited by the Malaysian Qualification Agency (MQA).
  3. Posses not less than 5 years experience in voltage restrictions up to 1kV in electrical installation operation and at least one of the
    following categories:
    a)    Maintenance works;
    b)    Works design;
    c)    Supervision; or
    d)    Commissioning of electrical installation.
  4. Able to speak and write in Bahasa Malaysia.
  5. Posses sufficient knowledge on modern electrical engineering practice including the principles of operation of equipment used for generation, transmission, distribution, utilization, protection and metering in electrical installations  and energy efficiency management.
  6. Posses sufficient knowledge of first aid, resuscitation and  treatment of electrical shock.
  7. Posses sufficient knowledge of the Electricity Supply Act  1990 and its regulations.

For holder of a Degree or its equivalent inelectrical engineering from institutions recognised by PSD or accredited by MQA but has not registered as a professional engineer and has had experience as the above, application can be considered, provided one has registered as a Graduate Engineer in the field of electrical engineering with the Board of Engineers Malaysia (BEM).

Syllabus for Examination

PAPER 1 -Project Paper

  1. Related topics:
    a) Electricity Supply Act 1990 and Energy Commission Act 2001.
    b) Electricity Regulations 1994 and its amendments.
    c) MS IEC 60364:2003 Electrical Installations of Building.
    d) MS 1936:2006 Electrical Installations of Building – Code of Practice.
    e) MS 1936:2006 Electrical Installations of Building – Guide To MS IEC 60364.
    f)  Resuscitation, first aid and electrical shock treatment.
  2. Electrical engineering and its applications.
  3. Energy efficiency and efficient utilisation of energy.
  4. Electrical installation (design and operation):
    1. Basic knowledge, circuits, short circuit capacity, safety clearance, operation and maintenance:-
      1. generation sets and synchronising board, motor, starter and switch, main circuit, main incomer and sub-station distribution, distribution board, feeder pillars, overhead line, maintenance, underground cable and internal wiring, street and garden lighting; and
    2. Basic knowledge, technical safety features, operation and maintenance:-
      1.  switch-gear, interrupters, fuse and isolator, rotating machines and starter, power, voltage, current, converter, conductor, cable  and wire, indicator meter and protection relay, lightning arrestor, apparatus and accessories.
  5. Electrical System.
  6. Others.

PAPER 2 -  Professional Interview

Professional interview based on:-

a)  experience and  training which has been undertaken by candidate and project paper; and
b)  knowledge on Electricity Supply Act 1990, Energy Commission Act 2001 and Electricity Regulations 1994.   

Fee for Competency Examination for Electrical Supervisors

(Part IV Table two, Regulation 55, Electricity Regulations 1994)

1. Application Process Fees – RM20
2. Electrical Supervisors Competency Examination Certificate – RM 165.00