Competent Persons

Cable Jointers

Procedures for Application of Competency Examination for Certified Cable Jointer

Applicants for the above examinations should be made online via the ECOS system at the Energy Commission’s website (

Cable Jointer

  1. Category of Cable Jointer:
       a)  PK1 (1kV)
       b)  PK2 (11kV)
       c)  PK3 (33kV)
       d)  PK4 (66kV)
       e)  PK5 (132kV)
       f)  PK6 (No restriction)
  2. Any cable jointing, connecting and termination must be built and made to fulfil its need for conduction, insulation, mechanic strength and its protection;
  3. Any cable jointing, connecting and termination of any cable or any shielded polyvinyl chloride insulated connection must be carried out by a Cable Jointer;
  4. Cable stipulated in sub regulation (3) should include:
       a)  A cable with insulator paper content, clad in lead or aluminium
       b)  Shielded cable with insulated thermostat
       c)  Cable with mineral insulator
       d)  Cable with polymer insulator
       e)  Oil filled cable
       f)  Gas pressure cable
       g)  Any other cable that the Energy Commission consider as cable connection and termination which required specific skills

Requirements for Competency Examination for Certified Cable Jointer

(Regulation 51, Electricity Regulations 1994 and its amendments) 

  1. A Malaysian citizen;
  2. Age not less than 20 years;
  3. Minimum educational qualification - completed Form Five;
  4. Possess not less than 3 years working experience in cable jointing, connecting and termination;
  5. Able to speak and write in Bahasa Malaysia;
  6. Knowledge in cable jointing, connecting and temination of various types of cables;
  7. Possess sufficient knowledge of first aid, resuscitation and treatment of electrical shock;
  8. Posses sufficient knowledge of the Electricity Supply Act  1990 and its regulations.
  1. Cable Jointer Competency Examination for Candidates from TNB, SESB and SESCO

(Circular of Electricity Supply Department Number 1 Year 1996, dated 10 Feb 1996)

       a) Qualification:
      1. Basic qualification (as mention above)
      2. Possess certificate of competency for 3 years issued by Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB), Sabah Electricity Sdn Bhd (SESB) and  Sarawak Electricity Supply Corporation (SESCO) and have completed his services   OR
      3. Possess approval certificate (not for attending course/seminar) issued by ILSAS/IKATAN, SESB or SESCO 
       b) Oral examination for Electricity Supply Act 1990 and its regulations.

Process Fee and Examination fee for Cable Jointer

(Section IV Second Schedule, Regulation 54, Electricity Regulations 1994)
1. Application Process Fees – RM20
2. Cable Jointer Competency Examination Certificate – RM 60.00

Category for Cable Jointer

 No. Certification Voltage Restriction
  1. PK1 Low Voltage
  2. PK2 Until 11kV
  3. PK3 Until 33kV
  4. PK4 Until 66kV
  5. PK5 Until 132kV
  6. PK6 No Restriction