About Energy

Energy is the key ingredient to any economic activity. Adequacy of energy supply is important for acceleration of economic development. Consumption of energy however produces some undesirable impacts on the environment and climate.

Hence, sustainable use of energy is being given increasing attention in Malaysia. Malaysia is well endowed with both conventional (non-renewable) and non-conventional (renewable) sources of energy. The largest non-renewable energy resource found in Malaysia is petroleum (i.e. oil and gas). This resource is being actively exploited.

Although, Malaysia has some coal deposits, only a small percentage is being mined. Renewable sources of energy are also abundant in Malaysia, the most important ones being biomass and solar. As in any developing nation, energy consumption per capita in Malaysia is still low but is expanding at a rapid rate in tandem with economic development. In addition, energy intensity with respect to gross domestic product had shown an increasing trend historically.

For more information on energy resources and Energy Balance of Malaysia, please visit Malaysian Energy Information Hub (MEIH) website.